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Artistic practice with seniors and people with dementia

Dementia relates to the loss of cognitive ability, but it also has an impact on emotional wellbeing. As an effective treatment as it has a proven relaxing and balancing effect on people with dementia and also Parkinson's disease.

We work with paper, colours, and collage. Working with clay is particularly suitable for people with Parkinson's disease but also a great benefit for people with dementia. I also work with stories, biography work, and poetry.

Jutta, vascular dementia

, Caritas

2018 Conference Auckland Alzheimers New Zealand

Tackling Dementia: It's everyone's business

Presentation Viola Lombard

Artistic Practice with People with Dementia




Artistic practice:
. can enhance the quality of life for the patients.

. can lead to a strengthening of self-confidence
. makes people more joyful
. can stimulate concentration and cognitive skills
. can provide therapeutic benefits by relieving stress
. improves creativity
. increases resilience




Since I started painting I see the little things and that helps me in my everyday life                                     Hans, Parkinson patient, Caritas

At home after the group, I break into song, sometimes at night. My husband got a fright, but I felt happy.           Jutta, vascular dementia

I've never painted before, but now I'm dreaming of having my own studio                                               Jutta, vascular dementia, Caritas

You are all so friendly, that's why I only paint happy faces
                                            Hans-Jürgen, Alzheimer disease, Caritas

Today is the most beautiful day of my life                                                                                                                       N.N.client,